1. Scary Hours
    New Jersey
  2. David Wilson and the Summer Husbands
    Jersey City, New Jersey
  3. Alpha du Centaure
    Lyon, France
  4. Tired Radio
    Brooklyn, New York
  5. The 65's
    Lyndhurst, New Jersey
  6. Miss Ohio
    Jersey City, New Jersey
  7. Galanos
    Kingston, New York
  8. The Subterraneans
    New York, New York
  9. Voice Of Doom
    Hackensack, New Jersey
  10. Strange Monsters
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  11. The Dark Brothers
    Newark, New Jersey
  12. Tony Matura
    New York, New York
  13. Inner City Basement
    Paris, France


Pyrrhic Victory Recordings New York, New York

NY/NJ based, DIY, independent record label/collective.

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